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M.P.S Arts and Cultural Management

BFA Communication Design

Pink Supakarn is a Brooklyn-based creative designer / multidisciplinary artist from Bangkok, Thailand whose practices broaden modern performing, visual arts, and design possibilities. Pink has performed in and choreographed multiple shows at venues throughout the United States and Thailand, including MoMA PS1, the Gramercy Theatre, Bard College, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jump Into the Light, Sodsai and Pantoomkomol Center of Dramatic Arts.

Pink has also crafted visual and graphic designs for a wide range of clients and organizations. In 2018, she started VOID PEOPLE, an art initiative that aims to raise public awareness and dialogues about existential depression and erase the negative stigma associated with mental health challenges. Pink joined the Extended Reality Ensemble in 2020, embodying the avatar in The New Cosmic Symphony.



I desire a life, in which I can express myself authentically, leverage my creativity and skillsets to be of service to other fellow human beings.

- 2017

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